Academic Resources & FERPA

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Academic Resources

  • Advising structures vary by college
  • Role of the advisor
    • Provide guidance
    • Focus on helping students achieve their goals
  • Role of the student
    • Meet with their advisor each semester
  • How can you help?
    • Encourage your student to stay in contact with their advisor each semester

General Course Information

  • Students average between 14–16 credit hours a semester
    • To maintain full-time status, students must take 12 credit hours per semester (Spring and Fall)
  • Students should follow the course outline provided to them by their specific college
  • Students take a combination of general education courses and courses within their major


  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Parents have limited access to students’ information
  • Parents can gain some access by:
    • Student signed consent form
    • Parent sends a statement in writing certifying dependent status as defined by the IRS
  • Get more information and frequently asked questions about FERPA.