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What's the difference between Student Health Insurance and McKinley Health Center?

Student Health Insurance

  • Supports students at off campus health facilities if there is a need
  • Students are automatically enrolled into the University plan, but have the ability to opt out if they qualify
  • Fees: $723 each semester a student is enrolled in courses
  • To opt out, students must fill out the online form and show they are in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

McKinley Health Center

  • McKinley is the only campus health center for students who have been assessed the health service fee
  • Fee is assessed to students enrolled in 6+ hrs and is mandatory (no waiver)
  • Fees: $244/semester, $122/summer
  • Students can use all of McKinley’s services including health education, mental health, women’s health, lab, radiology, and pharmacy to name a few
  • Your insurance carrier is not a factor when coming to McKinley